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Disenchanted publishes stories in both adult and young adult genres. We are only interested in softer romances with love scenes and plots between a man and a women. No manuscript will be considered that is degrading or demeaning to any individual, race, religion, or group of people. We have absolutely no interest at this time in publishing any of the following genres: new age, politics, or spy/espionage, erotica, gay or lesbian, organized crime, fairytale, or medical thrillers.

We are not accepting submissions at this time...

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PARANORMAL/ROMANCE: Romance that has a supernatural element or with Shape-shifters, ghosts, haunted houses (yes!) vampires or werewolves! Good vs. evil is a great storyline, and it will never go out of style! And any Paranormal/Romance stories in any time period, with Sexy Heroes who are mostly vampires or werewolves, and any sensual female beauties who are vampires, witches, zombies, and vampires, ghost hunters, or clairvoyant etc. 

URBAN FANTASY: these storylines should have some kind of mythological/supernatural element of some sort. It must take place in, or really close to, an urban city. Often authors use real cities as a location in the narrative. We prefer the darker side of Urban Fantasy, but gore or excessive brutality will not be considered for publication. Any storyline that revolves around a heroine's problem-solving escapades or with any suspense or mystery woven into the narrative will be considered, but it is not necessary to the main plot, as long as romance is in the main focus of the storyline.

Romance that includes an element of intrigue or Jeopardy and/or with a sinister mystery or a dark family secret weaved into the storyline. ‘Lady-in-peril’ situations are great and can be suspenseful.

HORROR: can be contemporary novels with ghosts, mysteries, or a plot frequently tinged with suggestions of supernatural, the setting is bewitching and mysterious, which implies some sort of danger or evil, flavored with sexual tension, and an anti-hero of somewhat questionable motives and intentions.

YOUNG ADULT: A storyline with characters generally between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, with romance, supernatural elements, and some sort of adolescent experiences and difficulties to overcome. Forbidden, young love is a still an intriguing storyline.

We will NOT consider any of the following:

NO PORNOGRAPHY OR PROFANITY: we do NOT want vulgarity or pornography! Nor do we enjoy reading profuse profanity of ANY kind!
NO PEDOPHILIA: NO heroines under the age of 16 having any type of intercourse in the storyline.
NO RAPE SCENES PLEASE: Rape may be used as part of the plot action, especially supporting character development, ONLY!
NO BESTIALITY: this applies to shape-shifting creatures too!
NO ORGIES: love scenes must be romantic, and between a man and woman, ONLY.

NO Vulgarity or offensive language: profanity is not necessary in dialogue, either is the gross use of "certain" words, most particularly the more graphic or crude ones used for various body parts, or the excessive use of curse words {swear words}. These types of stories will not be published by this indie company. Keep it clean, please! What we enjoy to see in our submissions are non-explicit love scenes and very little use of profanity. We want to publish charming stories with the female heroine as the lead character, with explosive chemistry between the heroine and hero, or anti-hero, with an enjoyable buildup of emotional and romantic conflict, leaving the love scenes as romantic and sweet as possible.


Full Novel = 85,000 to 100,000 words (double-spaced)
Mid Novel =75,000 words (double-spaced)
Novella = 35,000-65,000 words (double-spaced)

At this time, we ONLY accept submissions via email. All snail mail submissions will be returned. Please Email Us a professional query letter, and attach the first three chapters with a detailed five to ten page synopsis.

Three month response times

Note: Our offices have recently moved to another office in San Fransisco, California. All snail mail correspondence may be returned to sender. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause during our relocation.