About Us

We are an independent publishing company that is dedicated to the production of quality books for readers.

                                                          Meet the DP Team

Karen Halloway started this company in 2001 in order to help other writers achieve their dreams. She strongly believes in the creativity of new authors and that a well-written book deserves the right to be published, and thus, Disenchanted Publishing was created. Everybody has to start somewhere, and not only are indie presses accessible to beginning writers, they also provide opportunities and take unagented submissions.



Karla Gomez is a developmental editor, and a lover of words. If she is not reading, she is writing, and if she is not writing, then she is editing. Having written script coverage for entertainment companies and spent a fabulous year at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency, she has gained and honed the tools and skills needed to get a diamond in the rough to shine. 

S. A. Soule is a senior editor, and she started in the publishing industry in 2005, most recently leaving a two-year stint as an online eBook publisher to join the DP team. As a freelance editor and fiction writing coach, she has provided editing and writing services to a variety of clients, ranging from self-published writers to bestselling authors. 

                                                  Review Arcs

If you are a book reviewer interested in reading one of our titles, please email us with your blog and/or website details, and we will gladly add your name to our list of reviewers.

Although we work with professional reviewers, you don’t need to be a professional reviewer to review books for Disenchanted Publishing. Any review blogger can do it! All we ask is that you post your review on either goodreads, Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s website (or all three, because that’s even better) and on your own blog.

Just in case you're a reviewer who is unfamiliar with what an ARC aka Advance Uncorrected Proof actually is…

As a marketing tool, publishers provide free copies of a new book to booksellers, bloggers, and book reviewers. These are often referred to as an advance copy, an advance reading copy, or ARC. It's a form of book privately released by its publisher before the manuscript is printed for mass distribution in a very limited distribution so that errors, typos, redundancy, and grammar goofs can be caught and corrected before further publication proceeds.